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Rancher says he’s being forced out after snow plowing ends

When Jack Regan bought his ranch in a remote area north of Lillooet seven years ago, the B.C. government was responsible for plowing snow from the forest service road leading into it. He wouldn’t have moved there if that wasn’t the case. Source: Times Colonist | January 30, 2017

New Yukon agriculture program aims to improve local food security

Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing in the fertile earth of a farmer’s field. It smells healthy and rich. You see harvested rows of large, perfect potatoes and orange carrots lying in the soil like nuggets of gold. It’s such good land, in fact, that it’s now home to one of the country’s most innovative new agriculture training programs. Now open your eyes. Would you be surprised to find yourself just shy of the Arctic Circle? Source: MacLean’s | December 12, 2016

Tsawwassen Springs looking to expand

The Tsawwassen Springs development could get a bit bigger. Shato Holdings owner Ron Toigo has purchased an adjacent property at 4800 Springs Boulevard with the intent of taking most of it out of the Agricultural Land Reserve to build 60 townhomes. Source: Delta Optimist | December 12, 2016