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❄️ January Community of Practice: ♾️Ecocycle Planning for Food Folks


We’re looking forward to circling up next week for the start of this CoP season. This month, we’ll guide an experiential session on Ecocycle Planning. We’ve heard interest in centering facilitation practice as one of the areas the CoP would like to learn and share around as food folks are often public gatherers, process stewards, network convenors, and people wranglers!


A yellow infinity loop that says "the Ecocycle in the middle" with text around it from top right clockwise: Maturity, Rigidity Trap, Creative Destruction, Birth, Scarcity Trap, Renewal

Image credit and note to say that in a move to use more inclusive language, some within the Adaptive Strategy community of practitioners have started using “scarcity trap” in lieu of “poverty trap”.


Ecocycling is a core tool/facilitation approach we use (including how we strategize for and reflect on the CoP and Gateway). We love it for its ability to make possible strategic ways of being as antidote to the monolithic/static/top down “strategic plan” (Ecocycling is often part of a fuller Adaptive Strategy process towards this). Working adaptively with a tool like Ecocycle Planning can support us “be in right relationship with change” as adrienne maree brown/Emergent Strategy invites.


We invite you to try on Ecocycling in a supportive session where you’ll be offered the option to:

  • Look at your whole “portfolio” of work with guided solo time;
  • Consider a shared team project/priority with others you work with who are also on the call; or,
  • Experiment with working in a small group of CoP members on a bigger shared Ecocyle.


We’ll guide the experience with generous time throughout and especially in our last half hour to share, reflect, and make meaning together with a chance to hear from everyone.

👥 So-called “BC” Food Gateway Community of Practice

♾️January Monthly Gathering: Ecocyle Planning for Food Folks

📅 January 17, noon – 1:30 PST

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📜 Our Community Expectations


👥 This is not a webinar, you will be invited to have your camera on where possible and be in breakout rooms as well as use the chat and/or Google Jamboard if it’s available to you. We’ll be using the Zoom breakout room and chat functions, it is always helpful to update your Zoom.


📱We can support folks calling in If it is more accessible for you. Let us know and we’ll gladly work with you on making sure you have what you need to participate.


⌨️ A live auto-generated transcript and closed captioning will be available. We expect there are access needs not met by this container and invite you to let us know how the CoP sessions could be more accessible as we work our access, inclusion, and disability justice practices.


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