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The BC Food Security Gateway (the Gateway) is an online resource that provides BC communities with up-to-date food security information.

The Gateway is meant to inform and link you to projects, initiatives, and organizations in British Columbia as well as publications, tools, guides, and news – so that you, too, can contribute to building food security in BC

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) manages the Gateway in partnership with the Public Health Association of BC (PHABC).

What is food security?

Food security aims to improve access to nutritious, safe, personally and culturally acceptable food with a focus on those most vulnerable to food insecurity.  It also aims to improve availability of healthy food produced in a sustainable manner.

Addressing food security is complex and requires collaboration and commitment across sectors to ensure programs and policies support access to, and availability of, healthy, sustainable food.

Provincial Health Services Authority Population and Public Health Program

PHSA’s Population and Public Health team is actively involved in advancing food security in BC and plays a key role in leading and facilitating collaboration across government, health authority and non-government sectors to increase food security.

The Population and Public Health team has a dedicated Provincial Manager of Food Security. This food security role started in 2005 to support the health authorities in BC with implementation of a Ministry of Health funded health promotion initiative called the Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI). The Provincial Manager coordinated activities and program evaluation, developed resources, and collated evidence.

The Provincial Manager of Food Security continues to work on CFAI in addition to many other activities that align with the Ministry of Health policy to increase food security in BC. Examples of some activities include:

  • Coordinating a provincial health authority food security committee
  • Leading and facilitating collaborative provincial food security planning
  • Collecting, analyzing, and reporting on various measures of food security in BC
  • Working with partners to support knowledge and awareness of food security issues among Aboriginal populations

Our partners

Public Health Association of BC

PHABC partners with PHSA PPH to manage the Gateway website.

PHABC is a voluntary, non-profit, non-government organization whose mission is to preserve and promote the public’s health. The Association works toward this mission through its activities in disease and injury prevention, health promotion, health protection, and advocacy for healthy public policy.

BC Ministry of Health and health authorities

The Ministry of Health supports the Gateway through CFAI funding to PHSA. The five regional health authorities and the First Nations Health Authority contribute to the Gateway by providing input into the content and strategic direction of the website.