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Market failures affect people in poverty and farmers alike: A vision for community food brokers

Photo of Maurita Prato

Do you have a vision for what building relationships between farmers and housing providers might accomplish?

Maurita Prato of Lush Valley does. In collaboration with a social housing coalition in the Comox Valley, they have created a roadmap showing how how existing food action programs like good food boxes, gleaning and food literacy programs can bring good food into the social, supportive, and transitional housing systems in the region.

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Where’s the local seafood in coastal communities?

Campbell River dock

Where does fish, fishing, and fisheries fit in the BC food security conversation? Why is it so hard to access seafood in coastal communities?

The Gateway speaks to Cynthia Bendickson with the Greenways Land Trust about their community consultation work on access to seafood in Vancouver Island coastal communities and Abra Brynne, who is working with EcoTrust on fisheries policy.

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