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Community Gardens in Pandemic Times


Thanks to community of practice members who are sharing how they are stewarding community gardens safely.


Aaren Topley shared the Guidelines from the City of Victoria:

In order to reduce the risks, we strongly recommend to not share tools at this time. Please advise members and volunteers to bring their own tools to the garden and take them home when they leave. If there are no other options than shared tools, please have strict sanitization protocols in place (i.e. at the beginning and end of use). Soap and water will suffice as cleaning agents for hoses and surfaces if there is limited supply of sanitizer currently available.

City of Victoria Community Garden Best Practices during COVID-19

City of Victoria Scaling Up Growing in the City for Community Resilience Motion

COVID-19 Poster for Entrance of Community Gardens

COVID19_Handwashing Poster_MD offices


garden sign for covid



From Jen Cody at Nanaimo FoodShare:



We are prescreening volunteers with a 5 question health questionnaire. We have some Covid handouts, and have signs posted to remind folks about the new ways of working. In general people come on site and have to wash hands.  We have a number of DIY wash stations up. People need to wash hands before they get their tools (if they are accessing our tools rather than having brought their own).  They need to sanitize the tool handles before and after use. There is a designated person who is supporting everyone in maintaining a physical distance and encouraging handwashing.