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About the Community of Practice

The Gateway’s Community of Practice (CoP) convenes folks throughout the traditional Indigenous territories we call BC who are engaged in food systems, food policy, food networks, and food movement work at the community level. 

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History of the CoP

How to Join

Guidelines & Expectations


We draw from this work which defines CoPs as:

Groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly. Introduction to community of practice, Etienne and Beverly Wenger-Trayner


It is easy to seem disheartened when we approach one small facet of this work in the context of complexity. It might not seem we’ve come so far but in historical context, have actually managed to build larger networks that address this complexity. This work is all about bringing people together to influence and change systems but often the people coordinating these networks do so in isolation. The BC Food Security Gateway and Community of Practice is our community garden, a place to gather, learn and share with one another. Melanie Kurrein, Manager of Food Security, Provincial Health Services Authority


A CoP consists of a Domain (our shared interests), Community (those we have relationships and interact with), and Practice (our shared repertoire of resources, experiences, stories, tools, approaches).


Our Domain

Currently our shared areas of interest for the BC Food Security Gateway CoP are:

  • Household food insecurity and poverty reduction
  • Indigenous Food Sovereignty, anti-racism and decolonization in the food system
  • Local food policy and governance
  • Community food action, network and movement building

Conversations are emergent and respond to our member’s interests and priorities. 


Our Community

We welcome people working towards community food security/food sovereignty, who participate in network building around food in their communities (like food policy councils or food action networks) and who are enthusiastic to share conversation and learning with their peers on the above domain areas. We currently have a mixed membership of non-profit, network, grassroots, and regional health authority members.  

How to Join the CoP


Our Practice

We meet online via Zoom for a monthly video call. These calls are facilitated to encourage conversation and shared learning. They are not typical webinars. Members also connect via a listserv and we share our posts, stories and resources here on the Gateway and on Twitter. 

Members share stories, information, knowledge and experience, discuss news and developments, identify gaps in policy and practice, and cooperate on shared goals and strategies. 

We encourage and support CoP members to contribute to the CoP in various ways as needs, learning goals and opportunities emerge; members have co-facilitated monthly calls, collaborated on toolkits and  enjoy connecting outside of the calls and meeting up in person when possible.