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Funding Opportunities

The grants listed are focused on food security initiatives regionally and provincially. This list is not comprehensive. For food security projects that focus on specific population groups, regions, or outcomes, additional funding opportunities may be available through other organizations of your local health authority.

2020 UBCM Poverty Reduction Planning & Action Program

The intent of UBCM’s Poverty Reduction Planning & Action program is to support local governments in reducing poverty at the local level and to support the Province’s poverty reduction strategy. Applicants must be a local government. To be eligible for funding, all projects must involve key sectors of the community including community-based poverty reduction organizations, people with lived experience of poverty, businesses, local First Nations and/or Indigenous organizations. Deadline: February 28, 2020

Breakfast Club Covid-19 Special Grant

Breakfast Club of Canada is issuing special grants for community organizations and schools emergency food programs to help ensure Canadian children have access to healthy food during the crisis.

Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast Clubs of Canada is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing services and funding to school breakfast programs.

Breakfast for Learning

Breakfast for Learning (BFL) is committed to helping start and sustain child nutrition programs, ensuring that students are well nourished and ready to learn.

CivicInfo BC grants database

In partnership with the Local Government Management Association of BC, CivicInfo BC hosts and manages a searchable database of grant opportunities available to BC local governments.

Co-op Community Spaces

Co-op Community Spaces funds projects that help protect, beautify and improve spaces across Western Canada and improve the places Canadians meet, play, learn and share. Funding categories include urban agriculture, environmental conservation and recreation.

Community Gaming Grants

The Community Gaming Grants program distributes funds from commercial gambling revenues to not-for-profit organizations that deliver programs to communities throughout British Columbia. These grants ensure British Columbians from all regions of the province have access to programs and services that improve their quality of life, support local needs and build vibrant communities.

Epicure Foundation

The Epicure Foundation awards grants of up to $5,000 and in-kind donation packs valued at $250, $500 and $750 to community initiatives across Canada supporting food security.


Evergreen is one of Canada’s leading funders of community and school greening projects.

Federal Food Security COVID-19 Investment Funding

Recently the Government of Canada announced an investment of $100 million in support of food banks and local food organizations to allow food organizations to purchase food and seek the infrastructure required to respond to Covid-19.

Food Banks BC

Food Banks BC has been asked by the Provincial Government to distribute $3 million in special funding to assist food banks experiencing an emergency need during the Provincial State of Emergency declared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds include directives from government to remove barriers to food bank recipients and to allow drive-through and delivery opportunities, larger hampers, increased home delivery capability, and to remove the requirement of means’ testing.

Local Food Infrastructure Fund

The Local Food Infrastructure Fund (LFIF) is a five-year, $50 million initiative ending March 31, 2024. The program is part of the Government of Canada’s Food Policy which is Canada’s roadmap for a healthier and more sustainable food system in Canada. The LFIF objective is to strengthen food systems and to facilitate access to safe and nutritious food for at-risk populations.

McConnell Foundation

The Foundation’s current areas of focus and emerging initiatives include: Social Finance and Impact Investing, Sustainable Food Systems, Indigenous-Focused Philanthropy, Cities for People, and RECODE—catalyzing social innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education.

NutritionLink Services Society 2020 – 2021 Grant

Grants for registered non-profits and charities that support and sponsor food security projects through nutrition education and food skill building for vulnerable British Columbia residents. Funds can be used to purchase equipment and for general operating expenses specified in the budget proposal, including salaries for staff.

Plan H – 2020 Community Connectedness Grants

These grants support communities as they take multi-sectoral action to explore, learn, and innovate, enhancing community cohesion and sense of belonging. Fostering connection to others within community is important, even during public health emergencies calling for folks to be physically apart in order to combat the negative long-term health outcomes of loneliness and isolation.  

Plan H – Healthy Community Engagement Grants

The PlanH Healthy Communities grant program supports local governments in BC as they work with health authorities and other partners to collectively create conditions that enable healthy people and healthy places. The 2020 Healthy Community Engagement grants support communities and regions as they take multi-sectoral action to explore, learn, and initiate equitable community engagement strategies.