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Funding Opportunities

The grants listed are focused on food security initiatives regionally and provincially. This list is not comprehensive. For food security projects that focus on specific population groups, regions, or outcomes, additional funding opportunities may be available through other organizations of your local health authority.

Breakfast Club Covid-19 Special Grant

Breakfast Club of Canada is issuing special grants for community organizations and schools emergency food programs to help ensure Canadian children have access to healthy food during the crisis.

Federal Food Security COVID-19 Investment Funding

Recently the Government of Canada announced an investment of $100 million in support of food banks and local food organizations to allow food organizations to purchase food and seek the infrastructure required to respond to Covid-19.

Food Banks BC

Food Banks BC has been asked by the Provincial Government to distribute $3 million in special funding to assist food banks experiencing an emergency need during the Provincial State of Emergency declared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds include directives from government to remove barriers to food bank recipients and to allow drive-through and delivery opportunities, larger hampers, increased home delivery capability, and to remove the requirement of means’ testing.

Safeway Community Action Fund

Funding during COVID-19 for community organizations directly reaching vulnerable Canadians and helping them access healthy and affordable food.

Vancouver Foundation Community Response Fund

Grants from the Community Response Fund (CRF) are intended to support qualified donees in BC whose staff, volunteers, programs, and operations have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 in the following streams: 1) Health and Social Services – This stream of granting is intended for front-line health and social services charities 2) Arts, Culture, and Community Benefits – This stream of granting is intended for charities offering arts, culture, and other community programming and services that are not considered front-line health and social services.