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Guidelines and Expectations

This is a draft of guidelines and expectations of each other we agree to as members of the BC Food Security Gateway Community of Practice. These guidelines were identified as important by members who participated in our November 2019 conversation. There are many reasons for holding community guidelines and expectations in groups. For us, these are a direct response to the fact that we are a mostly white group who will continue to have what can be challenging conversations about decolonization, anti-racism, anti-oppression, equity, and inclusion. These guidelines are a tool for compassionately holding each other responsible to ongoing individual and group learning, and practices of allyship in these conversations and work. We acknowledge the work of Cicely Blain Consulting and the 2019 Strategem Conference, and, the White Noise Collective whose work on guidelines and expectations we’ve drawn from here.
  • We believe in collaboration, not competition with each other.
  • We embrace vulnerability and discomfort as necessary for the kind of learning we want to do. The CoP is a place where we can be vulnerable and uncomfortable (not to confuse comfort with safety).
  • We believe in gentle call-ins over shameful call-outs. We come to this group for learning and will inevitably make mistakes. We will compassionately call each other in during these moments.
  • We are mindful  of how much time/space we take up, and work to create space for others in our CoP conversations.
  • We expect and accept non-closure from our conversations.