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BC Must Jump into the Deep End to Protect Our Water

Nearly six months into the new B.C. government’s term of office, no shortage of pressing issues and challenges are demanding its attention. One thing that is evident, however, is that water must be a focal point of our new leaders’ agenda. Water underpins the myriad issues of the day — from energy production, to agriculture, to drinking water security, to conflicts over rights in Indigenous territories. Source: Tyee | October 18, 2017

How will newly elected B.C. politicians handle the escalating fish farm conflict?

Just days after British Columbia politicians attended an official meeting with concerned First Nations community and Chiefs, three people have been summoned to court for their occupation of three open-net fish farms located on First Nations territories in the Broughton Archipelago. Source: National Observer | October 17, 2017

Vancouver map helps hungry people find healthy, low-cost food

Vancouver Coastal Health has developed an online map that helps people who struggle to pay for healthy food get access to what they need. The Vancouver Food Asset Map, developed with help from local partners, can help users find low-cost or free meals, free or subsidized grocery items, kitchen or food programs, retail stores or markets, neighbourhood food networks and community organizations. Source: CBC | October 17, 2017

Seal Meat Controversy a Reminder That Food Is Used Against Indigenous People

The phone call from Toronto Public Health came right after lunch service. The city employee was inquiring about a food item on our menu that they had received a complaint about. I quickly began to panic, thinking we had given someone something contaminated and they had become ill. The city worker assured me that was not the case. Apparently a customer had complained to them because we offer lamb testicles on our menu. We were advised to stop selling the item until they could come and inspect the product. Source: VICE | October 16, 2017