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Tribes and First Nations say no to gold mining in Skagit River headwaters

Since time immemorial our ancestors have stewarded the waters, wildlife and environs of the Skagit River, from its headwaters in British Columbia to its mouth in Skagit Bay. Today, the river still provides habitat for all six wild salmon species, and produces roughly half of all wild Puget Sound Chinook. If we are to recover our historic salmon runs and help save our starving orca, the Skagit River is essential to achieving those goals. Source: Seattle Times | May 12, 2019

Committee urges massive overhaul of commercial fishery on coast

The committee is recommending sweeping changes to the way commercial fishing licences and quota are owned in B.C. to address concerns of monopolization — including quota ownership by foreign investors who might never have set foot on a fishing boat or in Canada — that has turned commercial fishing in B.C. into “a modern day feudal system.” Source: Times Colonist | May 9, 2019

Bowen Island group exploring resilient food initiatives

Bowen Island Food Sovereignty will be researching natural resources, land use, and food production on the island. “As we know, living on an island compounds every challenge we might face. But, if our community makes growing food a priority, and respects and protects the natural resources used to produce that food, we could boost Bowen Island’s resilience.” Source: Bowen Island Undercurrent | May 8, 2019