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2 B.C. seniors live in a van and struggle to make ends meet

Wearing a soft red fleece jacket and tiny gold hoop earrings, Alexi Rainier doesn’t look out of place walking through the Whole Foods in West Vancouver. “Most of them, I don’t think, have a clue [about my situation] … It would be deadly embarrassing.” The truth is Rainier is 79 and lives in a van, parked just outside in the parking lot. Source: CBC News | October 8, 2017

Emergency backup system in place as Sunshine Coast enters Stage 4 water restrictions

A new emergency backup system is being used for the first time as the Sunshine Coast experiences an unseasonably late drought. The siphoning system allows water to be drawn from levels below the existing intake valves in Chapman Lake. It was purchased in response to the 2015 drought but wasn’t installed until now. “We’ve literally run out water,” said Sechelt mayor Bruce Milne. “It is severe.” Source: CBC News | October 6, 2017

We throw out $31B of food every year. This chef is reclaiming some to feed the poor

The carrot had one top but two roots. Normally, such a thing would never wind up on grocery shelves, let alone a commercial kitchen. At best, a “forked” carrot might be trucked to a farm somewhere and used as animal feed. At worst, it would wind up in a landfill to decompose. But last week in her kitchen near downtown Vancouver, as Chef Karen Barnaby turned the vegetable over in her hands, she only saw potential. Source: Globe and Mail | October 6, 2017