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In this section you will find food security resources, such as toolkits, policy papers, and action plans specific to BC. The resource section also includes a small number of non-BC resources that have direct relevance to BC food security.

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The Intersection of Food Insecurity, Anti-Black Racism, and a Guaranteed Livable Income: A Conversation with Paul Taylor from FoodShare Toronto

Discussion with Paul Taylor, the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto on a guaranteed livable income, the origins of food banks in Canada and their ineffectiveness in addressing food insecurity, and the ways in which racism, social services, and income and housing inequality intersect to create the racialization of hunger.

Reclaiming Land Back – Bryanna Brown

Originator of Land Back and Labrador Land Protector Bryanna Brown joins Reseed host Alice Irene Whittaker to explore reinforcing Indigenous leadership in the climate movement. This conversation examines how Indigenous climate leadership is inherently interconnected to the Land Back movement, and Indigenous sovereignty.