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The Gleaner: July 2021 Edition

The Gleaner is a round-up of blog posts, new stories, featured resources and important happenings from the BC Food Security Gateway.

The Gateway supports knowledge exchange and collaboration to address food security in BC, including hosting an amazing community of practice.

Upcoming Opportunities, Resources, and Learning


[LEARN] Calls to Action Accountability: A 2020 Status Update on Reconciliation



An analysis on the lack of progress on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action.






[LEARN] Cash Back

Cash Back looks at how the dispossession of Indigenous lands nearly destroyed Indigenous economic livelihoods. Cash Back is about restitution from the perspective of stolen wealth.







[MOBILIZE] Peoples’ Counter-Mobilization to Transform Corporate Food Systems | July 25 – 27



The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems summit to be held in a hybrid format in Rome from 26 to 28 July will be decisive for the final direction and outcomes of the summit. The liaison group of the autonomous people`s response to the UN Food Systems Summit for transforming corporate food systems therefore invites you to be part of a colourful mobilization in parallel and in the run up to the Pre-Summit.

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[ATTEND] Food Systems Network Leadership: Lessons from the Pandemic | July 29


A conversation among coalition builders and network leaders focused on improving our food systems. An hour of discussion on what has changed over the past 12 months due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, identifying new challenges as well as new opportunities for network-led change.




[FUNDING] Indigenous Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative | Deadline July 31

The objective of the Indigenous Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative (IAFSI) is to increase economic development opportunities of Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada. This initiative will support Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs who are ready to launch agriculture and food systems projects and others who want to build their capacity to participate in the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector.


[FUNDING] Local Food Infrastructure Fund | Deadline August 13

The Local Food Infrastructure Fund (LFIF) is a 5 year, $60 million initiative ending March 31, 2024. It was created as part of the Government of Canada’s Food Policy for a healthier and more sustainable food system in Canada. The LFIF is aimed at community-based, not-for-profit organizations with a mission to reduce food insecurity by establishing and strengthening their local food system.


[GATHER] Community of Practice Monthly Gathering | July 20


Join our monthly Community of Practice Gathering. We’ll be sitting with the question How are we understanding food justice and movement organizing? How might this be in relationship and tension with non-profit, health authority, and other contexts we’re in? as well as connect, meet one another, and have the chance for peer consultations and support.


[LISTEN] Setting the Table for Food Justice – With Tammara Soma


Conversation with Dr. Tammara Soma on the impact of COVID-19 on our current food systems, issues with charitable responses to food security, and what kind of justice-centered solutions are needed.

[WATCH] Should a Just Recovery include a Basic Income for BC?





[WATCH] What Would it Take to End Food Insecurity?


Discussion of the role of different sectors in moving from short-term, downstream responses to long-term, systemic solutions that build capacity, enable COVID recovery and increase resiliency.

Watch the conversation.





[READ] Provincial Policy Levers to Reduce Household Food Insecurity




Factsheet with three policy levers that provincial governments can use to reduce the rate of food insecurity in their jurisdictions.

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