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The Gleaner July 6, 2020: Your BC Food Security Gateway Round-up

The Gleaner is a bi-weekly round-up of blog posts, new stories, featured resources and important happenings from the BC Food Security Gateway.

The Gateway supports knowledge exchange and collaboration to address food security in BC, including hosting an amazing community of practice, whose work we are delighted to highlight.

Food is a Right

Food is a Right


As charitable proclivities to donate to food banks have been in hyper-drive in response to COVID-19, including by the provincial and federal governments, Graham Riches continues to name a deep concern around how food banks prop up a broken food system in a pandemic context.

Graham argues they are distracting us from the poverty reduction and income security policies it would take to uphold government’s responsibility to the Right to Food and progressively realize food security for all.

Thanks to our community of practice whose collective ‘interview’ of Graham made for a rich conversation. Read more.



News Highlights



New Resources on the Gateway

The Gateway links to food security resources, such as tool-kits, policy papers, and action plans specific to BC. The resource section also includes a small number of non-BC resources that have direct relevance to BC food security.

Household Food Insecurity in Canada, 2017-2018

Household Food Insecurity in Canada

Proof’s latest report draws on data for 103,500 households from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey conducted in 2017 and 2018, finding that 12.7% of households experienced some level of food insecurity in the previous 12 months, higher than any prior national estimate.

Food Waste Redistribution Handbook

Food Waste

A handbook on developing a food waste rescue and redistribution program from Surrey’s Sources Food Hub.

Water Governance

Video on water governance in Secwepemculew in so-called BC with Dawn Morrison of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

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