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The Gleaner May 25, 2020: Your BC Food Security Gateway Round-up

The Gleaner is a bi-weekly round-up of blog posts, new stories, featured resources and important happenings from the BC Food Security Gateway.

The Gateway supports knowledge exchange and collaboration to address food security in BC, including hosting an amazing community of practice, whose work we are delighted to highlight.

Take the BC COVID-19 Population Health Survey

Public health and government leaders want to hear from you on how COVID-19 has impacted the many areas of your health. This is a chance to share your story on how you have been affected, including how your eating habits or access to food may have changed. Your stories will help guide our immediate food security work, as well as planning for strengthening food security in the long-term.

Please complete this survey and also share this survey widely among your networks to ensure we have voices from across the province represented!

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Community of Practice conversations over 5+ weeks of COVID-19

COP Nitya Wakhlu

The Gateway’s Community of Practice (CoP) convenes folks throughout the traditional Indigenous territories we call BC who are engaged in food systems, food policy, food networks, and food movement work at the community level.


Learning Opportunities

[Podcast] Community Food Security in a Pandemic: The Podcast

Stay calm and grow food. 

A podcast about building community resilience in the Comox Valley in uncertain times, through awareness, inspiration and empowerment of food systems actors globally and locally.

New Resources

The Gateway is posting credible resources on Covid-19, including funding opportunities.

Growing Resilience and Equity: A food policy action plan in the context of COVID-19

Food Secure Canada’s policy action plan for renewing the country’s food system in response to Covid-19. Read More

Planning for Food Security: A Toolkit for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Toolkit includes ideas, templates, tools and information to support planning for food security during pandemic and beyond. Read More

News Highlights

Our top 10 news stories from the last few weeks covering COVID-19 and the impact on food security and systems. Scan all the news we post on Twitter right on the Gateway.

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