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Winter Learning Unfurls into Spring with the so-called BC Food Security Gateway Community of Practice


What a full season of learning with the so-called BC Food Security Gateway Community of Practice (Gateway CoP for short). Welcome to a perfectly incomplete share back of some of the conversations we’ve had this season as winter shifted to spring. 

We were honoured to be joined twice by Secwepemc Elder Uncle Mike Arnouse, with gratitude to Michelle Tsutsumi who supports Uncle Mike’s participation with us (and supported this share back!) as well as visited by Katie German from FoodShare Toronto for learning conversations we’ve been anticipating for a long time around LandBack and approaches to food justice advocacy.

In between, we had an all-star group of CoP members share their work and invite conversation and feedback on regional food roundtables, food sovereignty and LandBack, co-locating emergency food services, community garden engagement, and evaluation. 

This month, we’ll be taking space to revisit, deepen, and riff off these conversations, as well as welcome new folks into the CoP. We got curious and had a peak at how many folks have joined the CoP circle this season. We’re floored that we have 65 new members since January! Welcome all, we look forward to getting to know and learn with you. 

For now, we’re sharing back from our January, February, and April gatherings. 

About the so-called* BC Food Security Gateway Community of Practice


❄️January’s Winter Circle with Secwepemc Elder Uncle Mike Arnouse

👟 February’s Peer Learning Shift and Share

📣 April’s Food Justice Advocacy, Collective Action & Movement Organizing Conversation